Refreshing: anti-war right is still anti-war under Trump

DC’s neocons seem pleased with Trump’s airstrikes on Syria, and they are salivating for an all-out war and regime change. The strikes are a sadly logical consequence of Steve Bannon being ousted from the National Security Counsel under newly appointed General McMaster. What’s interesting is that there is a lot of criticism among Trump’s supporter base, with many pointing out that this is not what they voted for when they voted for the non-interventionist, America First candidate.

And yes, I’ve seen some fairly plausible theories about how this could be a good move in the long run, but all things considered: there was no attack against the US, it is unlikely that Assad was actually behind the gas attack – it is not America’s job to intervene in what is essentially the Syrian civil war. This is what the UN and NATO are for- of course, they are toothless tigers and I would rather see them dismantled. But since these institutions exist, at least make use of them. During the campaign, Trump insisted NATO members should all pay their fair share. So make sure they do, and have NATO assume responsibility for interventions when they are necessary (which in this specific case is doubtful at least).

Let’s hope the conflict will not escalate further, as Nikki Haley has threatened is certainly an option. A lot is at stake here, so I for one am thankful Trump’s supporter base is speaking out against his actions, as I hope it will prevent POTUS from going full-neocon. If nothing else comes of it, at least it is refreshing to see the right being critical of their president when it is appropriate, unlike the left, which is famously only anti-war when the president has an R behind his name.


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