Police keep quiet about asylum seeker raping, almost killing Dutch girl (16)

Last year, a then 16 year-old girl was raped and almost murdered near her rural hometown of Kampen in The Netherlands. The suspect standing trial now is an asylum seeker from Sudan, who resided in the asylum seekers’ center in Kampen. But the authorities have been doing everything to keep these “details” quiet. The victim and her family, understandably, feel betrayed.

When police were searching for the suspect, they “deliberately decided” not to spread a description of his looks. After the suspect was apprehended, they chose not to disclose that he was an asylum seeker. (Source, in Dutch).

The victim’s mother points out that the violent incident, which will leave a young girl traumatized for life, has not been discussed during city council meetings, even though there have been at least two serious events with asylum seekers during the same time. (Source, in Dutch)

“Wir haben es nicht gewusst” stopped being an excuse several hundred entirely preventable European deaths ago. If you still support open borders now you bear part of the blame for Innocent European lives being ruined, simply because you care more about your bankrupt ideology than about them. About us. Your denial is disgraceful and inexcusable, and I can only hope justice will one day be served to your victims.


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