Thousands in Belgium and Germany linked to terrorism

Belgium has registered almost 19,000 people for having ties to terrorism. The number has gone up tenfold (!) in the past 7 years – in 2010 there were 1,875.

Around the same time, German newspaper Der Spiegel reports that German department of immigration has linked thousands of recent immigrants to the Taliban in Afghanistan. They all came to Germany from Afghanistan in 2015 or later. Strangely, many of them have admitted to having contacts with or even fighting for the Taliban, since that means they risk the death penalty in their home country, so they cannot be deported. On the other hand, the Taliban being a terrorist organization, their self-professed involvement can lead to legal problems in their host country (though not anything nearly as serious as what supposedly awaits them back home).

Years after the start of the migrant crisis, Europe still has no idea who is coming to our countries, what their backgrounds are and what their intentions are. But in spite of the progressives decrying “rightwing hysteria” when they were warned at the very beginning that terrorists would blend into the onslaught of “refugees”, we have by now repeatedly gotten confirmation that that is precisely what is happening.

Anybody still supporting open borders policies for the West will share in the blame of coming terrorist attacks, sexual assaults and other violent crimes committed by some of the scum that is being welcomed into our great civilization. After all that we know, and all that has happened, denial is no longer naiveté or idealism. Denial is a choice, and a deadly one at that.


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