Dutch government wants to give justice system access to medical records

The Dutch government is crafting a bill that would make patients’ medical information available to the justice department. A Dutch privacy watchdog points out that health care professionals have at some point taken bodily material from almost everyone (blood test, operations, a smear, neonatal heel prick, etc). In its current concept the proposed bill would include materials acquired in the past and patients do not have to be asked for permission in the process. So yes, basically a DNA database.

Medical professionals and Biobanken Nederland (Bio Banks Netherlands) are vehemently opposed to the plans, which are coming from Public Health Minister Schippers. It seems highly unlikely that a bill like this would ever pass, but the lack of protest from the public is astounding. We are witnessing the gradual build-up of a police state that would rival 1984’s Big Brother, but a large portion of the population has become so complacent that our governments are now apparently comfortable enough to even float this idea out in public. That complacency may come from the lifelong indoctrination of people into docile followers, assuming that government means well and some one else will probably keep us safe if government should ever cross an ethical line (which, of course, it neeeeeeever would).

We may like to think goverment is utterly incompetent, but they must realize that this bill will never make it. It seems then more like a beta test to either see how far they can go and how much resistance they will encounter, or to aim high and cash in lower (although any watered down version of a bill so incredibly ominous will still be more than anyone in their right mind would ever accept). So far, there are no mobs with pitchforks assembling on the steps of the Dutch parliament.

Schippers is a member of the ruling VVD party (People’s Party For Freedom and Democracy), which on paper is one of the more right-leaning parties of The Netherlands although the political establishment has molded together into an ideological blend that leaves supposed opposites almost undiscernible. In spite of a long line of corruption scandals the VVD is still the largest party in Dutch Parliament after a general election in March of this year, leaving Wilders and his Party For Freedom (PVV) in second place (out of 13 parties represented in parliament).

(Source, in Dutch)


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