Freedom is inevitable

Violence and coercion are signs of weakness, needed only by those who know that their arguments are not good enough to speak for themselves. Whether it applies to a government running the lives of its people, one nation interfering in the business of another or individuals trying to gain control over others, the use of … More Freedom is inevitable

Charlie Hebdo

After the birth of my daughter I was hoping to return to writing with a more upbeat message, but that is obviously very difficult at the moment. So if the past is anything to go by, here is what will likely happen in the west in the coming days: The terrorists Said en Cherif Kouachi … More Charlie Hebdo

Don’t fear freedom: we are stronger than Big Business

A news report from earlier this month had all the hallmarks of becoming a major scandal when it had been shown that more than one third of all food products in Great Britain were essentially “fake”: The Guardian noted that “consumers are being sold drinks with banned flame-retardant additives, pork in beef and fake cheese”. … More Don’t fear freedom: we are stronger than Big Business